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Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
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November 16, 2011

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Brazilian Small Cap Companies to Watch For in the Race to World Cup 2014 and Summer Olympic Games 2016

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Brazil is hosting World Cup 2014 and is expected to invest over $80 Billion on preparations for
the event which is less than 1000 days away.

There is in fact a lot of optimism for Brazil’s medium-term prospects based on its current strong
fundamental position and opportunities for infrastructure investment in preparation for the
hosting of the World Cup 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. During that time, Brazil is also
expected to become a major oil exporter thanks to the massive offshore oil discovery in 2007.

The Brazilian economy is the 7th largest economy in the world with a growth rate of 4-5% . This
type of steady growth makes Brazil appealing. Brazil is not dependent on any foreign oil, is a
leader in alternative energy and produces more ethanol than Europe and Asia not to mention that
Brazil is the second largest producer of iron ore in the world.

With a steady work force and abundance of natural resources Brazil has become very active in
manufacturing a myriad of products from high tech jets to hot Brazilian bikinis along with
phenomenal IT and Telecom development.

We no longer look at Brazil as a country with an unstable currency or super inflation rather a

mega opportunity for investment.

To make money in investing in any emerging market you want to find a small company that is
growing exponentially, trading well below its value while its sales are soaring.

While that’s true for any market the trick for the individual investor is to track down such a
company in the early stage to maximize return.

On Sep. 30th, 2011 the Brazilian government announced $3.25 Billion in tax cuts to
telecommunications companies who will improve their networks over the next
three years to insure world class communications during the upcoming events. That means about
$11 Billion in additional investment in the IT and Telecom sectors.

One Brazilian Small Cap company who just recently became public in the United States is
Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc. The stock just recently began trading here and the symbol is

This means you can buy it right here through your own broker or on-line without having to have
a Brazilian brokerage account! Additionally, it means you get the benefit in investing in one
stock not 100’s through the various mutual funds.

MMED is one of those companies who will benefit from the slough of investment money to
the IT and Telecom industries. For example they just announced a new $2,000,000 contract for
IT upgrades for public offices in Santa Catarina, Brazil and another $3 million contract from
CEMIG (NYSE: CIG) to improve its data centers in Brazil.

According to Larry Isen, editor of “The OTC Journal”, , the company
is expected to have revenues exceeding $130,000,000 in 2011 with its acquisition of Brazilian IT
firm Cimcorp who had over $80,000,000 in revenues in 2010.

The company only has 10 million shares issued and outstanding and is trading at around $3.50
per share! MMED should be trading at around $10 or more based on its current status and
expected growth according to industry experts.

The company has also just announced that it will be applying to trade on a senior exchange and it
already seems to qualify for either the NASDAQ or AMEX.

It’s a newly traded company here and no one seems to know about it but the stock play is

The company website is <>

There is also a YouTube video available, just search Midas Medici on YouTube. <<== Watch Video

Midas Medici Group Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: MMED) is a green IT company that supplies
mid-sized and select enterprises and institutions with leading-edge IT solutions in the fields of

virtualization, cloud computing and data management, as well as working with utilities and other
institutions to transform the electric grid through digital technologies in the United States and
Brazil. Across its CIMCORP, Consonus and UtiliPoint brands, Midas works with its customers
by optimizing IT and data center investments, cutting energy usage and preventing data loss,
all while maximizing productivity. Through a management team with decades of experience,
Midas is positioning itself to take advantage of the high-growth IT industry through its unique
specialized services at the intersection of energy and technology.